homeroom is a New York-based design studio founded in 2019 by lead designers, Sarah Kim and David Zhang. The two began their practice within furniture design by building each of their pieces by hand through pure experimentation. Their practice now extends to interior design and curation. Built from a mutual yearning to bring every idea to life, homeroom’s goal is to offer up the idea of choice, possibility, and newness to others through design. 


Sarah Rose Kim, 22, is a first generation Korean-American. She holds a B.F.A in Dance from NYU and a minor in The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology.  

Her approach usually involves three elements: play, elevation, and function. These components offer a ways of deconstructing and investigating new perspectives and intentions for both the unknown + the familiar.

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David Zhang, 23, is a first generation Chinese-American. He holds a B.A. of Urban Design & Architectural Studies from NYU. He is now recieving his Master’s degree at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

His knowledge in the craft of design and carpentry has been honed through experiences in urban agriculture, fabrication, and ceramics. This combination of formal study and individual practice is what lies at the root of homeroom.

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