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      Furniture Commissions

      123 Melrose Street

      Stair Spread at OStudio


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    Design Plus One 

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       Sarah + David

about us 
A New York based design + build partnership led by
Sarah Kim & David Zhang.
From small objects to furniture
to spatial interventions,
all of our work is hand made with precision & care.

we are open to commissioned work,
please feel free to contact us !

Email: info@homeroom.nyc
Instagram: @homeroom.nyc

Brooklyn, NY 11206

We moved to 123 Melrose Street in February of 2020.
An 850 sq ft empty apartment to call home for the next sixteen months.

This apartment acted as a blank canvas for our most personal furniture pieces.
Our home furniture is characterized by an insistence on being grounded;
both physically low to the floor and economically viable.

couch + table set

95% of all materials used here is recycled, from the wood to the foam used in the couch cushions.

tv box

inspired by old 1920’s television sets, our tv box offers a picturesque way of viewing modern day tv.

waste system

a new look for everyday trash. this system inludes separate bins for compost, trash, and recycling.

repurposed bench 

picked up from the side of a street in Bedford Stuyvesant, we repurposed an old restaurant booth seat by giving it new, shapely legs made from mahogany hardwood.

lampu xl

lighting is always a crutial
characteristic of any given space. lampu xl is an experimentation with light and scale. made with 1/4” MDF, ricepaper, and the brightest bulb we could find, this lamp filled our bedroom with soft yet radient source of light.

five minute stool

this stool is an example of a “non-designed” piece of furniture that we made with a combination of really high quality, leftover mahogany, “low” quality plywood and Douglas fir 2x4s. It was an exercise in informal design + build that really captured a single moment in the studio, something that we think is rare in furniture design.